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From being a basic necessity to one of the major drivers in fashion, textile is an integral part of the Indian economy. The textile sector accounts for 11% of the total exports in India and is also responsible for providing large employment opportunities. Also, it is one of the most favourable manufacturing segments being promoted by our Honorable Prime Minister, who has been driving the concept of Make in India.

In 1996, Kashi Vishwanath Textile Mill Private Limited was brought into existence with the vision to manufacture the best quality synthetic yarn. In 2000, this vision came to life as Polyester blended synthetic yarn production was started under the premium quality dyed and gray yarn (Polyester, Polyester-Acrylic, Polyester-Viscose and Acrylic-Polyester) segments.

With a huge product range KVTMPL started manufacturing synthetic yarn with over 150 different kinds of blends in fine and coarse counts, ranging from 8s to 60s. SPNG, an ISO 9001-2015 company, owning the brand name INDOSTARTM is now a renowned name in domestic and foreign yarn markets that manufactures Suiting, Shirting, Knitting, Hosiery, Stoles, Sweaters, Carpets, etc. Under the brand name INDOSTARTM, KVTMPL is now sharing the platform with manufacturers, manufacturing the best quality segment like multifold synthetic yarn, premium quality gray and dyed synthetic weaving yarn.

We own state-of-the-art technologically advanced machinery supplied by leading textile machinery manufacturers like - Lakshmi Machine Works, Schlafhrost (Germany), Leewha (Korea), Trutzschler (Germany), Dalal, Stalam (Italy), Draft Air etc. Currently, we own a yarn spinning facility with a matching in-house dyeing plant.


Product Range


Pre spinning

It comprises of many sub stages of converting fibre into yarn. Though here actual yarn is not produced, it starts giving the shape of thread. It is where the raw material to be used in producing yarn i.e. fibre is opened, processed and mixed with the required chemicals and is then passed through different machineries at different stages. The main sub stages are:

  • Blow Room  
  • Carding 
  • Drawing 
  • Speed Frame

Blow Room: This is the very first stage in the yarn manufacturing process also known as “Mixing” process. This is the stage where fibres (presently in the form of Bales) are mixed with the required chemicals to enable smooth functioning. They are gently opened using blenders to be used in successive processes.

Carding: O/p of the Blow Room coming from areofed is fed to the carding machine where the remaining impurities are removed and is opened into individual fibres. Here the individual fibres are straightened and made somewhat parallel. The process of cleaning and opening the fibres into individual fibres, converts them into thin, uniform soft neps of fibres which is called “sliver”. The sliver is collected into the containers called cans.

Drawing: The sliver output of Carding is now passed through a Draw Frame, the parameter which is set according to the count to be manufactured. This process gives more uniformity and strength to the sliver by summing up many sliver cans into one sliver. Quality of sliver produced by Draw Frame is much-much higher as compared to the sliver produced by Carding.

Speed Frame: This is the stage where Sliver produced by Draw Frame is again processed using a set of machines to give more strength. This converts sliver of Draw Frame into Roving to be used in Ring Frame for manufacturing actual yarn / thread.


This is the process where actual yarn is manufactured. Here Roving, the output of pre spinning is used to manufacture yarn as per market requirements. This is the last and most important stage of yarn manufacturing process.  

Post Spinning

Here as per requirement, output of Ring Frame (actual yarn) is processed using many stages. This is basically based on number of plys to be twisted to cater to customer needs. Here the output of Ring Frame (Bobbins) is transformed into cones / hanks. Different machines used in this process are:

  • Autoconer
  • TFO
  • Doubling
  • Ch. Winding
  • Winding
  • Yarn Conditioning

Domestic &
export market

Kashi Vishwanath Textile Mill Private Limited, under the brand name INDOSTARTM is not only a renowned name in the domestic market but is also a well-known exporter of synthetic yarn. We cater to industries involved in Suiting, Shirting, Knitting, Hosiery, Carpet, Tyre, Handloom and many more. We are constantly working on ways to expand our reach by networking and tapping opportunities as they arise.

Like other manufacturers who are also exporters, SPNG feels honored as its INDOSTARTM yarn is witnessing success as an exporter in the yarn export market. Our undying efforts have helped us reach where we are today. Now, SPNG has grown into a leading exporter of high quality synthetic yarn. We cater to places like Brazil, Morocco, Italy, Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and many more. We are proud of how far we have come and are determined to push ourselves further.

In today's competitive environment where business trends and technologies change frequently, SPNG has earned a respectful place in the textile business fraternity. Because of high business ethics and best quality products, INDOSTARTM has become a leading name in synthetic yarn manufacturing segment. The domestic business of SPNG is not limited to any particular region, but has spread on pan India basis. Being a raw material supplier to textile manufacturers, SPNG INDOSTARTM has its own depot and dealer network in almost all Indian states engaged in textile manufacturing, like - J & K, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, etc.

Quality, cert
and Infra facilities


Dyeing Process House:
KVTMPL is among the few synthetic yarn manufacturers possessing its own dyeing process house. When manufacturers outsource their production, they face challenges. One of the major drawbacks is that one cannot control the quality of dyes, which compromises its quality. Another problem faced is that there's often a shade variation which causes huge losses to the manufacturer. This is why; KVTMPL prides itself on producing quality yarn which customers can totally rely upon.

Research & Development:
We own a state-of-the-art R&D department that continuously works towards developing new shades following cost effective processes. The vast infrastructure facilities help to manufacture a wide range of yarn variants like - 100% Polyester / Polyester-Acrylic (PA) / Acrylic-Polyester (AP) / 100% Acrylic / Polyester-Viscose (PV) etc. in different blends and counts.

Effluent Treatment Plant:
As it has become mandatory for all manufacturing facilities having a business interest that require natural resources like water, an ETRP plant has to be installed so as to control damage to our environment. KVTMPL cares about the environment and has installed a large Effluent Treatment Plant with zero discharge. Zero discharge means to completely recycle the water used in the process house and reuse it in the plant again by water treatment, followed by big size RO plant. In ETP plant, used water is treated in many stages like primary, secondary & tertiary, to remove waste and then recycle it by routing it through a RO treatment. The discharge is squeezed through the filter presses and a very small amount of remaining waste water is passed through MEE plant to get vapourised. On one side it maintains environment purity and on the other side it preserves water.

Packing Pattern and Accuracy:

KVTMPL manufactures yarn and stocks it in different categories like cones and hanks to be packed in categories like cartons, bags and pallets.

Cones are manufactured in different sizes from 2kg to 5kg each while hanks are in 5kg.

  • These are also customized as per customer requirements.
  • Normally, hanks are packed in bags that hold weight of up to 60kgs and cones are placed in cartons;
  • Bags which weigh 45kgs to 64kgs and in pallets may be up to 1300kgs or as per requirement.
  • We ensure proper checking of cartons/bags to avoid any form of problems. We follow a two way confirmation - one at the cone level where product details on labels are stuck; and secondly, every carton/bag is bar-coded.
  • These bags are scanned and transferred to the finish godown and the required data is stored.
  • Because of this system, accuracy levels, both in packing and POS, have become very high.


Dyeing Machine DalalEngg
Hydro Extractor DalalEngg
RF Dryer Satlam (Italy)
Blow Room Trumac Engg. (GBC) and LMW (Laxmi Machine Works)
Card Trumac LMW
Draw Frame LMW
Speed Frame LMW
Ring Frame LMW
Auto Corner Schlafhorst with Uster Quantum Cleaner SAURER Schlafhorst A/C 6 Yarn Cleaner
Cheese Winding PS Mattler(PSFMK), Reshmi Cheese Wdg.
TFO Leewha (LW541 SA-S)



On-time delivery of quality products is among the major factors which ensures the success of any business. Why? Because, quality is that vital link in the chain that binds all stake holders of the product together.

SPNG INDOSTARTM believes in robust planning, best quality raw material resourcing and optimum utilization of available resources to get maximum efficiency for delivering best the quality yarn to be used by corresponding textile manufacturers. With ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification and stringent internal quality auditing, SPNG can assure the quality of its polyester blended yarn product range to its customers.

SPNG believes, "To become successful in any business, customer's satisfaction is the blessing of God." And SPNG is committed to deliver satisfaction to its customers by delivering quality yarn. SPNG's principle towards its satisfied customer base is, "Assure best possible quality under best possible price in best possible time."

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