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Established in the year 2005, Galwalia Ispat Udyog Private Limited is a major constituent of the SPNG Group. With excellence, the group produces quality steel products that come in varied grades and sizes. The unit is well equipped with modern plant and machinery. It uses innovative technology and infrastructure for increased productivity and superior output.

GUIPL owns a lab which is fully equipped with spectrometer, UTM, camera fitted microscope, hardness tester and a fully wet analysis facility that ensures stringent quality control.

The unit has been successfully producing structural steel under the brand name INDOSTARTM. It is a renowned name in the market and is characterized by features such as strength, excellence, resistance to corrosion and dimensional accuracy. The group has indeed set a benchmark for itself in the industry!


Product Range


SMS (steel melting shop)

Our steel melting shop comprises of 4 induction furnaces, followed by Continuous Caster Machine (CCM) for conversion of molten steel metal into billets of various sizes.

The raw materials which are used for making steel are steel scrap and sponge iron. Sponge iron is basically deoxidized iron in the form of lumps, pellets and fines. Sponge iron and steel scrap are charged in appropriate ratio into the induction furnaces in batches.

After the complete melting of charge, the hot liquid metal samples are taken to analyze the chemical composition i.e. carbon, sulphur, phosphorus, silicon, manganese, etc. In order to balance the chemistry of the metal as per the required grade, silicon, manganese and ferrosilicon is added. The temperature of liquid metal is raised to 1600 degree centigrade for casting.

For billet casting, the liquid steel is poured into the ladle and the ladle is taken to CCM for casting.

Complete Process route for SMS Section

  • Charging
  • Melting
  • Removal of slag
  • Refining
  • Tapping
  • Casting


After the casting of billets in required sizes, they are further processed to form TMT. There are 2 processes for manufacturing of TMT:



The thoroughly tested billets are either reheated or hot charged under a specified temperature. They are then subsequently rolled through a roughing stand and a sequence of rolling stands which progressively reduces the size of billets in the desired TMT size. The gradual reduction is an important factor to ensure finer grain structure of the bar. The rolling continues till the desired size is achieved.


The bar after leaving the last rolling stand is fed to a quenching box at a very high speed. In this section, rapid and controlled water quenching is performed reducing the temperature of the surface drastically from around 950 to 600 degree centigrade. Due to higher speed, only the outer portion gets quenched but the inner core remains hot. The outer case due to rapid quenching gets converted into martensite form. The microstructure is fine grained ferrite and pearlite structure at the core and martensite at case. The bar is cut with automatic flying shear and fed into the cooling bed.


At the cooling bed, the core which is still hot transfers the heat outside to the case thereby tempering it. Due to this self-tempering, the martensite case becomes tempered which has more strength and high corrosion resistance properties. Both quenching and self-tempering lead to typical microstructure of TMT bar i.e. fine grained ferrite-pearlite structure at the core and tempered martensite at case. After this, the normalizing process starts where the bars cool down at atmospheric temperature and gradually attain the microstructure.

Quality, cert
and Infra facilities


GIUPL is the pillar of SPNG Group in the steel manufacturing segment which produces heavy structural steel and TMT bars with high axial and load bearing capacity, designed with standard nominal depth and dimensional accuracy.

With the latest technology, high-end machinery and equipment, we are able to produce top-notch quality steel products. Different quality testers are put in place to evaluate and analyse the quality of our products. All this is done to ensure that we only deliver the best to our valuable customers.


Continuous Casting machine: We own continuous casting machine that enables fast, efficient and high productivity of steel manufacturing.

We also possess the 9*16 meter radius casting stands that are well integrated with rolling mills which allow ease in the manufacturing process.

International Standard Furnaces: We have imported the Ladle Refining Furnaces from Danieli, Italy to provide the international quality which in turn has set high standards of our production process.

Universal Rolling Mills: Superior quality produce is made available with our Universal Rolling Mills integrated with casting machines and other machineries. They ensure continuous and efficient production process.

Induction Route: We ensure precise and regulated products of steel in desired grades and sizes by using the efficient induction route for melting the metal to produce accurate sized ingots and billets.

Techno-testers: INDOSTAR™ is in sync with the latest technology and processes to ensure quality output. Superior value is provided to customers with multiple technologically advanced quality testers and analysis facilities.

Techno-savvy Labs: We have technologically efficient labs that have facilities like spectrometer, UTM and camera fitted microscope for finely filtered quality that provide durable products.

Excellent Quality Testers: We have different quality testers like hardness testers, wet analysis facilities and more, that live up to the international standards of excellence.


INDOSTAR™ has always believed in delivering quality products to our customers. The zero tolerance against any flaw in quality qualifies the brand to run the steel business. We manufacture products that are strong, durable and reliable which successfully makes them stand apart from the competition.


GIUPL is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company producing a wide range of products following the underlying standards-

  • IS2830:2011 – for billets, blooms
  • IS2831:2011 – for billets, blooms
  • IS2062:2011 – for beam, channels and angles
  • IS1786:2008 – for HSDS bars (TMT)

We are also approved by CIDC (Construction Industry Development Council), established by the planning commission & construction industry. In addition, we are empaneled with the Bridge, Ropeway, Tunnel and other Infrastructure Development Corporations of Uttrakhand Limited (BRIDCUL). We are the forefront players in the structural steel industry because we strongly believe in manufacturing quality & building long-lasting relationships.

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